SEO Boot Camp for Bloggers- Part 7

Welcome to week 7 of SEO Boot Camp for Bloggers!
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Part 7

Getting Social with Your Blog

Hello again everyone and welcome back to another installment of SEO Boot Camp for Bloggers! If you have been following along with us so far your blog should be well on its way to online success. As I have said in previous installments, however, SEO can be a long process. In the meantime bloggers like yourself need to get creative about getting people to notice your blog and turn them into consistent readers.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is through social media. Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites offer huge reach for bloggers who are doing it the right way.

But what is the right way?

I am not a believer that social media has a tried and true way to do things…in fact; I don’t think that will ever happen personally. People change, ideas change and the way people want their information changes too. As a blogger – especially a blogger that utilizes social networks – you need to be able to roll with these changes.

There are a few things, however, that will help set you up in the social world and keep you relevant to people you need to be relevant for.

 1.      Add Social Buttons. I mean, this just makes good sense. If you want your blog to get picked up with the social networks make it easy for people to share it. WordPress offers a plethora of plugins for social sharing that are easily added with a few clicks of the mouse. Choose one that works well with the look of your website and offers social buttons for the networks that are important to you. A couple of the more popular ones include Simple Social and Sociable.

2.      Set Up Social Sites. My granddad had a great saying.“Never count on anyone else to do things the right way for you.” This is especially true in social media and blogging. Don’t just set your blog, add social icons and hope for the best. Get out there and push your content like it’s crack! The only way you’re going to get this done is by having a social presence. Create social networks around your blog and yourself…and make the accounts separate. I won’t sit here and tell you which social networks are the best (there are a bajillion), but I think we know the big ones for sure…*cough* Twitter *cough* Facebook *cough*.

3.      Follow and Like Similar Accounts. Nobody likes a wallflower…even if that wallflower is producing some of the best blog posts this side of the bandwidth. If you want people to interact with your social profiles, and in turn your blog, you need to start the conversation. Find blogs you like and people that have similar interests as you and follow them…or like them…or whatever. Once you make your presence known, chances are they will do the same for you. ***BE REAL! Don’t follow people just to get followed. Actually offer good commentary to them or this will backfire like crazy.

4.      Interact with Your Followers. So you are finally getting followers. Snazzy. If you just let them follow you are doing it wrong. If your followers are making comments comment back. If they have questions, answer them. Make them feel like they are a part of a community and you will build their trust and loyalty.

One thing I want to emphasize is that, just like your blog, building a following on social networks is going to take work. It can be easy to get frustrated, but the harder you work at building your social army the more benefit you will get in the long term.

Thanks for reading and look out for more SEO blogs in the future!

Jeff Loquist is a search engine marketer with more than seven years’ experience creating search-friendly content and optimizing websites for the search engines. He runs Zen Search Marketing, a Baton Rouge SEO Consulting, PPC management and content development company. Outside of search, Jeff enjoys making soap (yeah, you heard right…soap) and writing poetry and short fiction. Mostly, Jeff enjoys a good Scotch, a fine cigar and great conversation; pretty much in that order.

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