The New Kitty in Town


I’m a cat lover.. there’s just no way around it. When I started college I was torn, because a huge part of me wanted to be a web designer, while the other part of me wanted to work with animals. However, when I saw the list of courses for the Veterinary Major, I quickly changed my mind, lol. Let’s just say Biology isn’t my favorite thing…

To make a long story short, we added another Savannah Cat to the family on Wednesday night, and it has been a ball of flying fun ever since. This one is an F2 Savannah, so she has roughly 25% African Serval in her. I really expected her to be much more standoffish and shy than our F5 and F6 SVs, but wow were we surprised. She pranced right out of her crate (after a long 12 hour day of travels!) and started purring and playing with her toys. She sleeps next to me at night, if not under the covers, and has really gotten attached to all of us. I have heard that many of the higher generation Savannahs tend to bond with one person, so it was a great surprise at how loving she has been with all of us. Meet our new little bundle of joy with the purrfect personality, Starlet.

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And yes, she’s smiling at you!! :D


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