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*UPDATE* I am no longer offering custom blog designs for Blogger. If you are interested in a custom wordpress design, please visit this page.

I get asked the question ‘WordPress or Blogger?‘ by my clients all too often, and I thought it was time to finally sit down and do a little comparison for you. I should also quickly note that these are not the only blogging platforms out there, but they seem to be the most popular so I will compare these two only. I am also only comparing statistics for wordpress.org (self-hosted), not wordpress.com.

Wordpress vs Blogger | A Comparison Chart

Now, this does not mean that Blogger is useless- in fact I still read many popular blogs on Blogger, and I even started this little blog on Blogger three years ago. A lot of bloggers do eventually make the jump over to WordPress, and I’ve noticed from my clients that it’s usually when
a) They have decided that they would like to keep their blog around for good
b) They would like to have a more professional look for their blog
c) They are ready to start offering ad space

Since I have used both WordPress and Blogger, I will tell you that I personally prefer WordPress over Blogger. The customization and plugin options really are endless, and I feel that these two things alone are pretty darn important when trying to do create a blog that is different and unique. I did enjoy the simplicity of my Blogger days though, and I remember feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the options when I did switch over to WordPress. But I can also tell you that I’ve never regretted it to this day.

As far as my clients go (in case you’re curious =) About 80% have WordPress blogs, while 20% request a custom blog design for Blogger. I have also helped many of these clients make the jump from Blogger to WordPress, as I myself did.

I also started looking at recent statistics, and found that 15% of the web is powered by WordPress, and Blogger is only grabbing a smaller 2.9%. Keep in mind that this is based on Content Management System comparisons and websites, not just for blogs. (Many WordPress websites do not even have a ‘blog’.)

Wordpress vs Blogger | Viva la Violette

To target the bloggers, I dug a bit deeper and came up with some more stats targeted just at bloggers. I found this interesting 2009 study by ProBlogger, which shows 43% of blogs being WordPress, and Blogger coming in 2nd with 29%.

Blogging Stats


What are your opinions on WordPress vs Blogger? Do you prefer one over the other? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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    I’ve never used blogger, but I had my blog on WordPress.com for a couple of months before I decided to take the extra step and self-host on wordpress.org. I’m not an expert web designer, but I love how easy it was to customize my theme and make it my own with the knowledge I do have. I also love that you can find an online tutorial or information in the wordpress forums on almost anything you want to do. I’ve been really happy with it.

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